I am an experimental artist who plays instruments, composes and makes multimedia art. Currently, I am most interested in the Irish language and the perspective it gives oneself of the landscape and environment of Ireland.
The piano and cello are my primary instruments and I play as a solo act and have played with different bands and ensembles such as RóisGemma DunleavySeán BeingHenry Earnest and Trinity Orchestra
I compose mainly for solo and small ensembles often with the use of electronics and live visuals. My work has been performed by the likes of MAZE EnsembleCrash EnsembleMichelle PritchardMalachy Robinson and Kirkos Ensemble.
Creative coding and multimedia play a large part in my artistic practice. I have made live visual and sonic work for installations and exhibitions as seen and heard at Gaudeamus Festival (NL)Paikka (HU) and for solo and ensemble performances.
In Trinity College, Dublin I completed a bachelor’s degree in maths and music (2019) where I received the Gerard Victory Composition Prize and Geoffrey Singleton Prize for best final year project. At the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague I completed a master’s degree in composition, studying with Yannis Kyriakides and Guus Janssen.   Ecological Awareness in Multimedia Composition is the title of my master research which is published on Research Catalogue (SW).